The Original Selfie Stick Was Invented in the 1980s

The photo above shows Ueda holding his invention, and here’s one of the early photos he captured with his early selfie stick: Ueda filed a patent for the invention in 1983, and it was published by the US patent office in 1985. The document was titled …
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Japan Claims The Invention Of The Selfie Stick

If you’ve stepped into any tourist destination in the last year, you’ve seen the selfie stick. It’s an extendable rod that allows you to mount your camera or smartphone on the end to take a picture of yourself from a distance. This trend may look …
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mavericks who stick with their inventions – Financial Times

mavericks who stick with their inventions
Financial Times
What links a loudspeaker costing £65,000 and a supercar? The answer is a technology developed for audiophiles by a British company, which has been adopted in other sectors. The kinship between a Wilson Benesch speaker stack and a McLaren MP4 car 

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