Camp Invention ‘wets’ children’s appetite for STEM with water rockets

Children in USC Aiken’s annual Camp Invention launched themselves into a world of summer fun – and learning – last week using water rockets, bubble blasters and snowball slingshots. The weeklong Camp Invention at the Ruth Patrick Science Education …
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Camp Invention highlights STEM learning

With summer break in full swing, parents throughout Lake Havasu City are turning to youth programs and summer camps to keep their children occupied. In its third year, Camp Invention, a science, technology, engineering and mathematics-based program seeks …
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STEM Academy students show off their inventions – Norwich Bulletin

Norwich Bulletin

STEM Academy students show off their inventions
Norwich Bulletin
Eighth-grader Kyley developed the pedia-bottle, a combination baby bottle and medicine syringe to give babies a familiar shape to deliver the medicine, for the Invention Convention at her school, Charles H. Barrows STEM Academy. Kyley, who lives in …

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She attended a STEM school in Egypt – and her invention won a competition

At first glance, Yasmine Yehia Moustafa may look like any recent high school graduate. She’s been enjoying summer vacation and preparing for her first year of college. During her free time, she loves belly dancing, playing basketball, and singing, even …
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