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GALLERY: Campers showcase their creations at Camp Invention

Camp Invention is unlike many other camps. Instead of hiking and swimming, children are encouraged to grow their knowledge about science to create their very own inventions. During the week of July 24, Camp Invention was held at New Prague High School for …
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Willoughby-Eastlake School of Innovation students showcase ingenuity, creativity at Invention Convention

Some great ideas came in small packages at Invention Convention on March 3. About 75 sixth-graders and 12 fourth- and fifth-graders from Willoughby-Eastlake School of Innovation presented a new invention and competed at convention. Some students worked on …
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Images Showcase Wacky Inventions of Yore – NBCNews.com

Images Showcase Wacky Inventions of Yore
A bike with wings and a personal submarine are some of the innovations featured in an image collection of 20th Century British life. Stilltime Collection / Easyart. 1. Not cramped at all: A submarine for one. As children, almost everyone dreams of

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