It’s ‘Shark Tank’ For Global Health Inventions

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Local man brings unique toilet invention to Shark Tank audition

POCATELLO — A clean toilet seat can mean the difference between happy customers, or flushing money down the toilet. That is Rob Poleki’s philosophy as he pushes his idea forward for a self-cleaning toilet seat. On Jan. 11, Poleki went to the first …
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Shark Tank loser’s invention now worth millions

Shark Tank investors are probably kicking themselves after passing on an invention that was later snapped up… …to the tune of one billion dollars. The inventor remembers “literally being in tears” after getting rejected on the show. But we’re …
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This ‘Shark Tank’ invention will replace bridesmaid duties

Anyone who has worn a wedding dress understands the struggle of going to the bathroom. You really only have a couple of options: either take the dress completely off or get a team of bridesmaids to come in the stall with you. However, female innovation is …
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Broomfield man’s Christmas tree invention going national with ‘Shark Tank’ appearance

Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker, a Broomfield resident and engineer, died in September 2012. Next week, he’ll make his national television debut, as his grandson appears on “Shark Tank” with a revamped version of Stoecker’s 51-year-old invention: a collapsible …
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