Mothers of Invention: Women of the Slaveholding South in the American Civil War (The Fred W. Morrison Series in Southern Studies)

  • University of North Carolina Press
When Confederate men marched off to battle, southern women struggled with the new responsibilities of directing farms and plantations, providing for families, and supervising increasingly restive slaves. Drew Faust offers a compelling picture of the more than half-million women who belonged to the slaveholding families of the Confederacy during this period of acute crisis, when every part of these women's lives became vexed and uncertain.

New Series ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Inventions’ Premiering On Smithsonian … – WROR


New Series 'Rock 'N' Roll Inventions' Premiering On Smithsonian …
Music inventions — from the windup gramophone to state-of-the-art studio technology — will be the focus of Rock 'N' Roll Inventions, a six-part weekly series …
Smithsonian Channel to Premiere New Music Series ROCK'N'ROLL INVENTIONS, 1/16Broadway World

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Apple’s Patent Pending 7000 Series Aluminum Invention used in the new iPhone 6s comes to Light

When Apple introduced the iPhone 6s on September 9, 2015 they pointed out in their press release and on their iPhone design page that they had upgraded the aluminum to that of the 7000 series aluminum, the same alloy used in the aerospace industry.
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‘My Million Dollar Invention’ review: Smithsonian channel begins ambitious eight-part series

WE ALL dream of the Big Idea, the one that will make us stupid rich. Most of those dreams just don’t involve inventing, say, the electric chair. Smithsonian’s ambitious new eight-part series tracks the development of several dozen inventions that did …
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New Series ‘My Million Dollar Invention’ to Premiere Sunday, June 14 on Smithsonian

New York, May 27, 2015 – A sketch on a napkin…a flash of inspiration while driving… a sudden glimpse into the future… these sudden insights have led to world-changing inventions, and turned ordinary people into millionaires. A captivating, new …
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With a $6 million Series A, Twist for iOS wants to ensure you’ll never wait for someone again (Brad McCarty/The Next Web)

Brad McCarty / The Next Web:
With a $ 6 million Series A, Twist for iOS wants to ensure you’ll never wait for someone again  —  There are times when we see a team and we know that the product that they’re crafting is going to be great.  When startup vets Bill Lee and Mike Belshe are behind a project, it would be one of those times.

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