The Invention of Women: Making an African Sense of Western Gender Discourses

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The "woman question", this book asserts, is a Western one, and not a proper lens for viewing African society. A work that rethinks gender as a Western contruction, The Invention of Women offers a new way of understanding both Yoruban and Western cultures.
Oyewumi traces the misapplication of Western, body-oriented concepts of gender through the history of gender discourses in Yoruba studies. Her analysis shows the paradoxical nature of two fundamental assumptions of feminist theory: that gend

Why It Makes No Sense to Judge Groups of People by Their Histories of Invention

Many responded to King’s words, and to the hashtag, by tallying up inventions made by non-white, non-European groups. Others pointed to the relationship between “white inventions,” violence, and oppression, or the many “white inventions” that …
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