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New Series ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Inventions’ Premiering On Smithsonian … – WROR


New Series 'Rock 'N' Roll Inventions' Premiering On Smithsonian …
Music inventions — from the windup gramophone to state-of-the-art studio technology — will be the focus of Rock 'N' Roll Inventions, a six-part weekly series …
Smithsonian Channel to Premiere New Music Series ROCK'N'ROLL INVENTIONS, 1/16Broadway World

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Sam Phillips, Elvis and the invention of rock ‘n’ roll

(CNN)Sun Records founder Sam Phillips relished imperfections. A phone going off in the middle of a recording session? No matter; that’s a take. Carl Perkins telling Phillips that he missed some notes? Too bad: It had the best feel. A damaged speaker cone …
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Vanilla Ice Goes Indie Rock With Acoustic ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Performance — Video – S spinner

Listen! Ice is back with a brand new invention: Indie Vanilla Ice. After going through several image overhauls, rumor has it that the music industry veteran moved to Echo Park, Los Angeles after finally figuring out a sure-fire way to success.
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