Could Alabama invention revolutionize football training and limit head injuries?

Mountain Brook resident Ken Thompson – an attorney and avowed football fan – saw increased awareness connecting concussions, CTE and head injuries to football. And he couldn’t shake an enduring memory …
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Teens’ Invention Could Save Our Planet AND Revolutionize Space Travel

These teenagers could single-handedly change the way we combat climate change. In modern times, teenagers are somehow amazing scientists with their in-depth research and inventions, proving that age is just a number and intelligence and drive are key when …
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True Bio Electric Acquires New Green Energy Patent That Will Revolutionize the World’s Human Waste – Yahoo Finance

Ronald Flynn founder of True Bio Electric (TBE) announced, “that they had purchased the patent rights to a new invention from Smoke Stack Solutions INC., and now owned the exclusive rights to market and deploy a new system called, ‘Closed Loop Bio Filtration’.”
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