Book review: “Enter Helen: The Invention of Helen Gurley Brown and the Rise of the Modern Single Woman,” by Brooke Hauser

When I was a teenager, I would always perk up when a talk-show host announced that he was about to introduce a woman who knew a lot about sex. This was back when information on the subject was still hard to come by, so the prospect of some ravishing, free …
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The Invention of Science: A New History of the Scientific Revolution by David Wootton review – a big bang moment

The birth of science in Europe was the greatest revolution of all, argues this dazzling polemic What is modernity and when did it begin? The answer depends a lot on the nationality and specialism of the historian you ask. Italians favour the achievements …
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Advanced Auto Parts and Rain Guard Windows Is What Is Keeping The World Patent Marketing Review Team Up All Night

World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and engineer of patented products, announces Rain Guard Windows, an automotive invention that automatically closes a vehicle’s windows when it rains or snows. “The Global Auto Parts and …
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‘My Million Dollar Invention’ review: Smithsonian channel begins ambitious eight-part series

WE ALL dream of the Big Idea, the one that will make us stupid rich. Most of those dreams just don’t involve inventing, say, the electric chair. Smithsonian’s ambitious new eight-part series tracks the development of several dozen inventions that did …
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Book review: The Invention of Fire by Bruce Holsinger

Fourteenth century poet John Gower was truly a man at the heart and soul of his turbulent times. A court official who knew London well and a good friend of Geoffrey Chaucer, he became closely associated with the nobility and even professed an acquaintance …
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Data Mining 200 Years of Patent Office Records To Reveal The Nature of Invention – MIT Technology Review

Data Mining 200 Years of Patent Office Records To Reveal The Nature of Invention
MIT Technology Review
There are work relies on data gathered by the US Patent Office, which uses an elaborate system of technology codes to classify the technologies responsible for an invention's novelty. Inventions that rely on a single technology have a single code. But

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