Brian Williams Opens Up About His Unexpected Re-Invention: “Second Acts Are Possible, with a Little Spiffing Up”

“I keep the pants around, mostly for funerals or church,” Brian Williams told me one recent, slightly tropical October evening. We were sitting in his second-floor office at 30 Rock, where Williams was reluctantly answering my questions about, among …
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U.S. Officials See Terror Invention as Possible Future Model

Early last year, agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation showed up at Nephetia Brown’s home in Brooklyn’s East New York neighborhood with some alarming news. They said her son, now 15 years old, was tweeting about Islamic State’s violent …
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A wonderful invention makes it possible to order pizza through high-top shoes

Grant Hill is promoting new shoes for March Madness. They’re Pizza Hut shoes with a button on the tongue that lets you order pizza, and they’re called Pie Tops. Per Adweek, the shoes use geolocation technology to order the pizza, and here’s more on …
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Invention makes gardening possible for disabled people

ISHPEMING — Gretchen Preston loves her garden. It’s something that she enjoys doing without much help from others. Gretchen uses her Seeing Eye dog, Lloyd, to get around. Now, she can plant crops and flowers by herself, thanks to an invention by Earl …
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5 Genius Inventions That Make It Possible To Nap Pretty Much Anywhere – Huffington Post

5 Genius Inventions That Make It Possible To Nap Pretty Much Anywhere
Huffington Post
There's nothing quite like a good nap — but for most of us, an afternoon snooze is hard to come by. There are obvious barriers to napping, like having to pick the kids up from school, tackle work deadlines or avoid the boss's watchful eye. There are

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