Retired science teachers hope to clean up with newly patented car detailing invention

The two retired teachers have begun to contact potential producers of their invention. Ideally, the rights to market the device would be bought by a car care retail chain and sold through its outlets.
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EQUATE prides invention of employee, patented internationally for protecting marine platforms from corrosion

The invention was made possible thanks to the cooperation between the Company, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) and the Sabah Al-Ahmad Center for Giftedness and Creativity …
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14-year-old Sioux Falls TV star got her invention patented

Allie Weber, 14, owns a patent for her “Frost Stopper” gloves she designed as a fifth-grader for the Spark Lab Global Invent-It Challenge. Weber’s gloves are temperature sensing and have a built in …
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Patentability Overview: When can an Invention be Patented?

One of the most common questions any patent practitioner receives relates to knowing when an invention can be patented. How do you know whether you have an invention for which a patent can be obtained? That is a complicated question, as most legal …
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How Victorians patented inventions but didn’t get round to making them – Daily Mail

How Victorians patented inventions but didn't get round to making them
Daily Mail
A host of ridiculous Victorian inventions so strange they were never made it into production have been revealed for the first time. The quirky designs, which include a corset with inflatable bust, a portable bath and a ventilating hat, have been held
The Anti-Garrotting Cravat: the quirky inventions that never got
Patently daft designs: Useless inventions from the Victorian age that were

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