Patent awarded to Alabama football invention

The medical privacy tent that was invented at the University of Alabama three years ago and is now seen on football fields across the country has been patented. It marks the end of a process that lasted 15 months. Now called SidelinER, the collapsible …
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Want to patent your invention? Here’s what you need to know.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is getting more patent applications than ever before — six times as many as it did in 1980. But does that mean that America is more creative and innovative than ever before? Well, not necessarily. Here’s what you need …
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Patent Drafting: The most valuable patent focuses on structural uniqueness of an invention

From a conceptual standpoint is would seem logical to assume that writing text to describe an invention ought to be easy for the inventor of the invention. While that probably makes sense in theory, in reality it just doesn’t play out that way.
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Patent Drafting: Proving You’re in Possession of the Invention

The written description requirement, found in 35 U.S.C. 112(a), plays two important functions. First, it is used to define what constitutes the original filing (i.e., the disclosure present as of the date you file your patent application), which is then …
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Should I File a Patent Application Before Licensing the Invention?

I am frequently asked by inventors whether they should file a patent application before seeking to license their invention. Some even ask whether they should first obtain a patent before they submit the invention to a licensing company like Lambert …
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The Immunotherapy Patent Landscape: Types of patent claims for immunotherapeutic inventions –

The Immunotherapy Patent Landscape: Types of patent claims for immunotherapeutic inventions
While this article provides an overview of immunotherapy and the general types of patent claims sought to protect immunotherapeutic inventions, follow-up articles will explore patent validity issues, such as written description and enablement, novelty

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