This 1930s Invention Was Supposed to Make Parallel Parking Easy

These days, some cars can help you parallel park with the touch of a button, but it wasn’t alway so easy. Back in the 1930s you had to parallel park the old fashioned way, and this short clip from a …
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An American ‘iconic invention’: Now chained to a Philly signpost, guarding your precious parking spot

It’s that time of year when thousands of those bright orange sentries of safety sprout from the broken asphalt of the region’s roadways. Traffic cones. Utilities and highway departments buy them by …
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City employs secret invention to foil theft from Vancouver’s ‘dumb’ parking meters

Vancouver’s coin-stuffed parking meters are under siege from vandals, but a city staffer has come up with an idea to thwart rising theft. The city parking meter technician invented a secret weapon he hopes will foil vandals who are making off with …
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