A new Woodland Trail at Penshurst Place opens for half term, plus an Amazing Inventions Trail

The Woodland Trail is open from Saturday, February 15 andis open until October. The Amazing Inventions Trail opens for half term from Saturday, February 15 to Sunday, February 23, from 10.30am to dusk …
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Brian Williams Opens Up About His Unexpected Re-Invention: “Second Acts Are Possible, with a Little Spiffing Up”

“I keep the pants around, mostly for funerals or church,” Brian Williams told me one recent, slightly tropical October evening. We were sitting in his second-floor office at 30 Rock, where Williams was reluctantly answering my questions about, among …
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Safety lock invention opens doors for Darren as he battles back from crash

Aine O’Connor It was on a summer visit to the island of Corfu back in the late 1980s that Darren Solan discovered two of his life’s great passions. The first, diving, would become such an obsession for the Dubliner that, after years of training and taking …
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Invention Of The Week? Quickey Opens Everything But Doors

Christopher Hawker, a popular inventor and entrepreneur in Columbus, Ohio, has developed a key for everything, but it doesn’t open any doors. The founder of Trident Design LLC, a well-known design firm and innovation agency, has just launched the Quickey …
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101 Inventions that Changed the World exhibit opens at Leonardo – Deseret News

Deseret News

101 Inventions that Changed the World exhibit opens at Leonardo
Deseret News
The inventions, selected by a panel of experts from science centers around the world, are described as “historical punctuation points in our story that explore not only the inventions themselves, but also suggest the reasoning behind their development

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Kellan Lutz opens up about wacky inventions –

Kellan Lutz opens up about wacky inventions
TWILIGHT star KELLAN LUTZ is a budding inventor who has a plan to foil cops chasing bank robbers. The actor has been working on the idea since he was a science nerd growing up in Iowa and he made a pitch for a billionaire to invest in his idea during
Kellan Lutz reveals his secret invention on 'Live With Kelly and Michael'

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