Clock Invention Measures How Much Faster You Age On A Mountaintop

Scientists have taken a big step forward in clock technology that will help them more accurately measure both space and time. A team developed the first portable version of an optical clock, which is more stable and exact than the standard atomic clock …
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The invention of the toilet was ‘much more important than Facebook,’ says economist Joseph Stiglitz

The toilet was a more important invention than Facebook, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said on Monday, but said advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are a “real concern”. At the World Government Summit in Dubai, Stiglitz was asked …
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Apple’s amazing new invention is… a PAPER BAG: Firm patents a way to make recycled carriers much stronger

Apple has filed patents for all sorts of new technology over the years, but its latest might be the most surprising yet. The Cupertino tech firm has filed a patent for a paper bag, or more accurately, a process for making paper bags. According to the …
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Invention could make air travel much quieter

Does the buzzing of a plane’s engines drive you bonkers? Researchers have come up with a product that could save you some grief. They’ve developed a thin membrane capable of blocking low-frequency noise that tends to bounce around the cabin. The honeycomb …
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5 Genius Inventions That Make It Possible To Nap Pretty Much Anywhere – Huffington Post

5 Genius Inventions That Make It Possible To Nap Pretty Much Anywhere
Huffington Post
There's nothing quite like a good nap — but for most of us, an afternoon snooze is hard to come by. There are obvious barriers to napping, like having to pick the kids up from school, tackle work deadlines or avoid the boss's watchful eye. There are

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Originals By Weber New Invention Makes All Loose Dentures Much More Comfortable At Low Cost No Mixing Required, Always Soft – PRWeb

This new Weber Preformed Denture Liner Kit with preformed upper and lower denture liners is designed to answer questions often asked by denture wearers such as: “How can I make my loose denture fit better and give me more comfort and no more sores or …
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