The Invention of Science: A New History of the Scientific Revolution by David Wootton review – a big bang moment

The birth of science in Europe was the greatest revolution of all, argues this dazzling polemic What is modernity and when did it begin? The answer depends a lot on the nationality and specialism of the historian you ask. Italians favour the achievements …
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Inventions take more than ‘Eureka!’ moment – Suburban Life Publications

Inventions take more than 'Eureka!' moment
Suburban Life Publications
Editor's Note: Due to a production error, the following story did not appear in full in your town's local newspaper. The complete version can be read below. Admittedly, it was an unlikely place for inspiration to strike — a water balloon fight at a

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Facebook’s IPO is a bitter sweet moment for America – Daily Telegraph Blogs

A more accurate parallel is with the long list of US companies that have taken a fundamentally new invention – the internet in Facebook’s case – and used it to radically reshape people’s lives. And, just as critically, make money.
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