Military Invention Day at the Smithsonian

Military Invention Day at the National Museum of American History is sponsored by the Smithsonian in collaboration with the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and demonstrates the …
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The US Military Is Apparently Behind The Invention Of The Cheeto

Sometimes, the food we take for granted has the weirdest origin story. Case in point: the invention of Cheetos, which happened with the involvement of the US military. Want to know the tale? Join us! …
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Taos teens’ invention garners attention of military, late-night talk show

TAOS, N.M. (KRQE) – A group of Taos teens are making a name for themselves with an impressive invention they hope will soon be useful for the military and law enforcement. “Hi! My name is Indigo Acosta, and I’m 14. Daniel Cordova, I’m 15.
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How actress Hedy Lamarr’s WWII military invention was torpedoed by the US Navy

Pigeonholed into one-dimensional roles as a Hollywood sex object, actress Hedy Lamarr may initially come off as a squandered talent. When you hear about her never-used contribution to military technology, that becomes a sure thing. Born Hedwig Kiesler into …
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Congratulations, Your Genius Patent Is Now a Military Secret

The government is often content to stop other people from working on an idea, even if it has no interest in pursuing the invention on its own. There is a legal process to ask the government for compensation, but it takes years and almost never pays out.
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Invisible cloaks, other inventions might help military, doctors – Cleburne Times-Review

Invisible cloaks, other inventions might help military, doctors
Cleburne Times-Review
The panel of engineering and physics experts displayed, described and activated an array of inventions that could apply to military operations, surgery, even a high school musical (if, for example, you wanted stagehands to be invisible as they moved

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