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5 inventions you might have not know originated in Texas

Every Texan will let you know their home state brought you Shiner, Dr. Pepper, and Blue Bell but might fail to mention the Lone Star State is home to other popular inventions.
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This might be Sony’s secret PS5 invention to keep the price down

It turns out there might be a much better explanation for Sony’s latest invention, and it’s all related to the PS5. Specifically, the Sony cartridges we looked at the other day may be the clever …
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Micellar Dry Shampoo Might Be The Best Beauty Invention Of 2018

I wouldn’t consider myself a fitness enthusiast, but last week, in a vain attempt to simultaneously kick-start some semblance of an exercise routine and join the New York City cool-girl elite, I attended my first session of The Class by Taryn Toomey.
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This credit card-sized invention might help India battle its heart disease epidemic

In 2012, Neha Rastogi’s father-in-law started experiencing intermittent chest pains. Doctors detected blockages in three of his arteries; he had been on the brink of a heart attack. Rastogi’s in-law was put on medications to unclog his blood vessels, but …
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An invention might soon prevent credit card skimming at Lowcountry gas stations

Paying at the pump can be a risky proposition, with credit card skimmers designed to steal credit and debit card information. Now, according to WTOC, one man is fighting back. Chris Gilpin invented Gas Pump Sentry, which is designed to prevent the use of …
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