Invention Eases Discomfort for Tonsillectomy Patients, Makes Procedure Simpler for Surgeons – YAHOO!

Mercy Research & Development has pioneered the Adjustable Tongue Blade to update the common tonsillectomy procedure. The new tool makes the surgery more comfortable for patients, helps surgeons quickly establish a secure airway, and adjusts to fit multiple …
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The Man Who Makes the Future: Wired Icon Marc Andreessen (Chris Anderson/Wired)

Chris Anderson / Wired:
The Man Who Makes the Future: Wired Icon Marc Andreessen  —  He’s not a household name like Gates, Jobs, or Zuckerberg.  His face isn’t known to millions.  But during his remarkable 20-year career, no one has done more than Marc Andreessen to change the way we communicate.

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New Invention Makes iPhones and iPads Waterproof – Consumer Electronics Net

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — HiMSS booth 1367 — Seal Shield LLC today introduced the world’s first iPhone and iPad waterproofing solution with antimicrobial product protection. SEAL SHIELDS- are form-fitting, polyurethane covers that make …
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Originals By Weber New Invention Makes All Loose Dentures Much More Comfortable At Low Cost No Mixing Required, Always Soft – PRWeb

This new Weber Preformed Denture Liner Kit with preformed upper and lower denture liners is designed to answer questions often asked by denture wearers such as: “How can I make my loose denture fit better and give me more comfort and no more sores or …
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