Invention makes gardening possible for disabled people

ISHPEMING — Gretchen Preston loves her garden. It’s something that she enjoys doing without much help from others. Gretchen uses her Seeing Eye dog, Lloyd, to get around. Now, she can plant crops and flowers by herself, thanks to an invention by Earl …
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MIT invention makes ocean water drinkable with a little help from the sun

From plants to people, every living thing on this planet needs water. But getting enough to survive, and survive comfortably, that can be a little tricky. Just look at the furor around California’s new water restrictions. If a state as wealthy as …
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Invention Makes Urine Drinkable For Astronauts

A new invention that turns urine into drinkable water may be important to the future of space travel. “Meet Gerardine Botte, a professor at Ohio University and the inventor responsible for GreenBox, a system of tubes that makes consumption of one’s own …
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What Makes an Invention Great? – TIME

What Makes an Invention Great?
things that were invented in 2013? Now you have one. Just keep reading. For ease of consumption, the inventions have been placed in order—using rigorous, objective and scientific criteria—beginning with the most fun and ending with the most useful.

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Invention Machine Makes Decisions Mobile and Across More Languages for Global Product Development Teams –

BOSTON, MA — Invention Machine (recently acquired by IHS (NYSE: IHS)), the leader in semantic technology that unlocks decisions in data, today announced the latest release of Goldfire®, the optimal decision engine. The Goldfire 7.5 release …
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New Invention Makes iPads Waterproof – Yahoo Finance

SEAL SHIELDS(TM) allow touch screen devices to be washed, in order to prevent cross contamination infections in healthcare. JACKSONVILLE, Fla., July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Seal Shield LLC today announced delivery of the world’s first iPad …
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