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Kenyan boy, 9, receives award for hand-washing machine invention

A 9-year-old Kenyan boy was given an award by the country’s president for inventing a hand-washing machine designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
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NYU professor Scott Galloway says that building a billion-dollar (or trillion-dollar) company boils down to the invention of a ‘time machine’

Walmart’s grocery delivery service can save users four days a year in time. Since its inception, Walmart has added $ 100 billion in shareholder value.
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Science history: the invention of the Linotype machine

In the mid-1400s, German inventor Johannes Gutenberg began producing books on his new printing press, using moveable cast metal type, and the world changed. Within a decade or so of Gutenberg’s …
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In annual letter, Jeff Bezos says Amazon is an ‘invention machine’ defined by failure

Amazon’s culture has been in the media spotlight since last summer, when The New York Times published a widely read article about the company’s “bruising” workplace environment. Jeff Bezos addressed that reputation, indirectly, in his annual …
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This Invention Is Either an Urban Farm or a Very Temperamental Time Machine

Brooklyn-based design studio created this prototype for Urban Farm Pod, and it’s either a super weird urban farm, or a super standard time machine that malfunctions and sends you 1,000 years into the past instead of 1,000 years into the future, or sends …
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