Act of Nature Leads to Invention of KT Folding Stand Frame for In-Home Exercise

LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Every invention has a story behind it based on necessity or creativity. Yet the KT Folding Stand Frame — a multi-purpose sports health product akin to …
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Treasure Hunt Leads to Invention of Undersea Robot

What started off as a hunt for sunken treasure turned into the invention of a low-cost, undersea robot, easy enough for anyone to use. Jessica Berman has the story.
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Doctor’s at makeshift tube leads to potential lifesaving invention

Megan Pope knew before she gave birth to Madi that her daughter could possibly have a rare birth defect causing her to be born without part of her esophagus — the passage to her stomach. Pope and her husband, Matthew, did their research to find out all …
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