Shoe bomb inventor praised by Bin Laden among latest Gitmo releases

A legendary Al Qaeda explosives expert, whose invention of the “shoe-bomb” endeared him to Usama bin Laden and who may have known about 9/11 in advance, was freed Thursday from Guantanamo Bay, where he became a “highly prolific” source of …
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Samsung Gets Weird With Its Latest Smartwatch Patent

Here’s how Patently Mobile explains how it would all work: Advertisement In one important aspect of Samsung’s invention, a smartwatch includes a display having a position that is changeable, an estimation-based position controller configured to …
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Become Your Own Charger! Creating Electricity with the Latest and Greatest Invention in Energy – AMPY!

Tejas Shastry of the innovative charging application AMPY joins host, Frank Fontana live in Studio! Invented by 3 local entrepreneurs out of Northwestern Phd candidates. AMPY ( is a wearable device that captures the energy from …
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Fed’s latest invention holds promise for controlled rate rise

Analysts have applauded a draft Fed idea to offer lenders segregated cash accounts to be used as collateral for transactions with private investors. Such accounts could be an “additional supplementary tool” as the central bank returns to a more normal …
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Latest Blog From Ultimate Spelling Presents Eleven-Year-Olds Ingenious Invention, Says eReflect

eReflect, a self-educational software designer, congratulates Robertson Peyton, the inventor of the sandless bag, an anti-flooding invention that won young Peyton the Discovery Young Scientist Challenge award this year. New York City, NY (PRWEB) November …
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These crazy inventions are the latest sign that entrepreneurship in China is … – Quartz

These crazy inventions are the latest sign that entrepreneurship in China is
From gunpowder to paper or ice cream, Chinese leaders like to showcase how many world-changing inventions have originated in their country. But for every huge breakthrough there are lots of quirkier ones that never made it big. A submarine that catches 

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