Seattle drone and robot startup WiBotic shows off latest inventions (Video) – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)

Seattle drone and robot startup WiBotic shows off latest inventions (Video)
Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)
Seattle-based WiBotic has launched its latest generation of wireless charging equipment for drones and robots. WiBotic unveiled a smaller, lighter version of its onboard charger for drones and compact robots, shedding weight so automatons can travel …

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Google’s latest AI invention lets you duet with computer

( Google has introduced its newest artificial intelligence invention, a piano-playing bot named Al Duet. The bot takes whatever melody the user plays and attempts to respond with a complimentary tune. AI Duet is part of a …
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Apple files patent for its latest invention — a paper bag

Apple has filed a patent for a new invention. Yes, a paper bag. (Screenshot U.S. Patent & Trademark Office) WASHINGTON — It’s hard to imagine Apple fan boys and girls waiting in line for the tech and lifestyle giant’s new invention — a paper bag.
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Apple’s latest invention application describes a device that’s better at watching your health

Apple, like many tech companies, applies for a countless number of patents each week. The vast majority of the time, these don’t amount to anything. Sometimes, though, the inventions they present are at least interesting to consider, if only to get a …
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Samsung’s latest invention looks suspiciously like the Apple Watch

Samsung had a smartwatch on sale before Apple did, but it still seems like the Korean giant is taking cues from its rival in Cupertino. In fact, Samsung submitted several pictures of what looks like the Apple Watch as part of a patent application …
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Introducing Africa’s Latest Phone Invention; Works With No SIM & No Airtime

A Namibian school boy identified as Simon Petrus from Ohagwena has invented a special kind of a phone. The phone has been designed in such a way that it uses no SIM card and no airtime. Beat that! Who says it will not be a market breaker if this invention …
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