Grammar rules are an invention. It’s time to stop taking them so seriously.

Once upon a time, there were no grammar rules and writers were free to experiment with punctuation as they saw fit. It wasn’t until the late 1700s that grammar books became popular (and lucrative), …
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It’s ‘Shark Tank’ For Global Health Inventions

  1. It’s ‘Shark Tank’ For Global Health Inventions  NPR
  2. Pratt Pouch | Developing World Healthcare Technologies Lab  Developing World Healthcare Technologies Lab – Duke University
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It’s a robo dog’s world at Camp Invention

Children meticulously decorated the mechanical dogs they changed from Robo-Pets into personal companions Wednesday while they participated in Camp Invention at Copeland Manor Elementary School in Libe…
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It’s Finally Here: Simple New Invention That Will Prevent You From Ever Losing Your Guitar Pick

Today in guitar stuff, meet the Pick Slinger, a handy little gizmo that basically attaches a pick to your fingers. Not only does the gizmo prevent you from losing your plectrum, but it also allows you to sling it, putting it in and out of your hand in a …
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Good News, Everybody! It’s The 10 Best Inventions From Futurama – ReadWrite (blog)

ReadWrite (blog)

Good News, Everybody! It's The 10 Best Inventions From Futurama
ReadWrite (blog)
Share on: Good News, Everybody! It's The 10 Best Inventions From Futurama. Futurama, canned by Comedy Central, will wrap up its long run with its seventh season this summer. To commemorate the show, here's a roundup of the 10.

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It’s Mitt Romney Who Doesn’t Understand America – The New Yorker

The iPod was a great invention, but the real money in the iPod and its successors … Some of the markets for Apple here in the U.S. were originally opened up by the New Deal-era rural electrification project. Government funds helped schools buy its …
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