Apple invention details single-sensor, multi-lens camera system for iPhone

An Apple patent filing published Thursday describes a mechanism capable of directing light from two apertures onto a single image sensor, facilitating smaller form factors while ensuring identical image quality from both front- and rear-facing cameras.
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Apple Macs, TVs, iPhone 6s and Other iDevices to Get Major Upgrade According to New Invention

Apple’s series of patent grants now hints at more upgrades including a zoom lens that can differentiate the rest of its products from competition. The patent discusses about the use of light splitter cube that divides colors or camera scene into three.
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iPhone 7 on Release Date Will Have Shatter-Proof Display as Described in New Apple Patent

“Apple’s invention can not only estimate where a device will make impact, but actively shift the unit’s center of gravity so that sensitive components like glass screens and cameras are not damaged,” Apple Insider said on its report. The best thing about …
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Using Apple’s iPhone To Explain The Difference Between Invention And … – Forbes

Using Apple's iPhone To Explain The Difference Between Invention And
Horace Dediu is trying to convince us all to accept a new word of his creation, innoveracy, to aid in explaining new products like Apple's Apple's iPhone. Truly ground breaking new products, ones that are different from novelty, creation and invention.

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