My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook: 50 Awesome Drawing Activities for Young Inventors

  • My Crazy Inventions Sketchbook 50 Awesome Drawing Activities for Young Inventors
Do you have some crazy inventions up your sleeve?! This book is jam-packed with Andrew Rae's amazing drawings showing all sorts of real inventions that seem too weird to work. How about a dog umbrella? A submarine that looks like a plane... or even a shark. A swimming machine where you don't get wet? A car wash for people? Someone has even made a device to charge your phone using a hamster! There is plenty of inspiration to get kids' minds going, and plenty of room to add their own crazy inventi

Now on Kickstarter: Tio Kits Can Turn 3D Prints & Toys Into Smartphone Controlled Inventions & Robots

Each kit features nine pop-and-fold invention templates as a starting point, before users go on to creating and exploring combinations of different materials and different inventions. The templates include a lighthouse, climber, windmill and helicopter.
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5 Whacky Inventions That Will Solve The Pollution Problem Forever

He managed to successfully demonstrate that his invention works in a closed room and says that the effect can be replicated. His invention uses an electronic coil that creates an electrostatic field to magnetise and pull down pollutants! Thailand-based …
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Frustrations as inventions gather dust in laboratories

The invention had gone on to win the 2014 Schlumberger Schools Science Project Challenge, an annual science competition among all secondary schools in the country. But, aside from the star prize trip to France, which comes up this Sunday, all has been …
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Is it Appropriate Prosecute Patents for Direct Competitors on Inventions on Similar Technology without Disclosure and Waivers?

Of course, this likelihood is intensified in larger law firms where more lawyers means more clients and more (potentially overlapping) invention disclosures. Back in 2003, Maling hired Finnegan Henderson to prosecute a set of patent applications relating …
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7 unique inventions to make college easier

1. Ostrich pillow For those times we need to camp out in the library for innumerable hours, this invention is perfect! It’s not your average pillow — it eliminates light and can be manipulated to fit your sleeping needs. 2. Speech to text recorder …
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