The Story of Inventions

Great inventions, historical biographies, strong morals, and the godly character traits necessary for success are highlighted in this collection of stories. From the steam engine and the printing press to television and computers, a wide range of inventions is covered in short chapters that include reading comprehension questions. For older elementary students. 354 pages, softcover from Christian Liberty Press.

125 Cool Inventions: Supersmart Machines and Wacky Gadgets You Never Knew You Wanted! (National Geographic Kids)

  • National Geographic Society
The future is now! Super smart toilets, sweet dream machines, bread buttering toasters, and flying hotels -- this fun and informative book gives curious kids the inside scoop on 125 amazing real inventions. It's sure to get gadget gurus, techies, and computer geeks thinking about the world of infinite possibilities. If there was an invention that could knock your socks off, you'd find it here!

Patents Demystified: An Insider’s Guide to Protecting Ideas and Inventions

For startups, entrepreneurs and inventors, Patents Demystified provides an easy-to-understand insider's guide to patents, patent law, and the patent application process. Based on first-hand experience with successful companies of all sizes, patent attorney Dylan O. Adams helps readers learn the secrets of maximizing patent protection on any budget, with strategies that can be tailored to companies with any business plan or product. 
Instead of being intimidated and confused by patents, rea

Bach Two-Part Inventions for the Piano (Schirmer’s Library of Musical Classics, Vol.379)

  • 36 pages
  • Size: 12" x 9"
  • Editor: W Mason
  • ISBN: 793553032
  • Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach Piano Solo, arr
(Piano Method). Contents: Invention in C Major, BWV 772 * Invention in C minor, BWV 773 * Invention in D Major, BWV 774 * Invention in D minor, BWV 775 * Invention in E-flat Major, BWV 776 * Invention in E Major, BWV 777 * Invention in E minor, BWV 778 * Invention in F Major, BWV 779 * Invention in F minor, BWV 780 * Invention in G Major, BWV 781 * Invention in G minor, BWV 782 * Invention in A Major, BWV 783 * Invention in A minor, BWV 784 * Invention in B-flat Major, BWV 785 * Invention in B m

Toys!: Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions

  • Square Fish
A fresh, intriguing look at the stories behind great toy inventions, by Don Wulffson and illustrated by Laurie Keller."Originally, Play-Doh only came in white. There's a good reason for this. You see, Play-Doh didn't start out as a toy. It started out as a product for cleaning wallpaper."Have you ever wondered who invented Lego, Mr. Potato Head, or toy trains? In Toys! are the fascinating stories behind these toy inventions and many others. Learn why the see-saw was popular with the Romans, how

Inventions: That Could Have Changed the World…But Didn’t!

  • Inventions That Could Have Changed the World But Didn t
The fascinating stories of inventions that could have changed the world, should have made a difference, or would have astounded us all, but for one reason or another, didn’t. Some inventions were too wacky, weird, or unwieldy. Other simply didn’t work. And still others may be the next big thing . . . some day. Learn about the inventors, what they thought they would accomplish, and what--if anything--they did accomplish. Zany illustrations of the contraptions in use throughout.