Should I File a Patent Application Before Licensing the Invention?

I am frequently asked by inventors whether they should file a patent application before seeking to license their invention. Some even ask whether they should first obtain a patent before they submit the invention to a licensing company like Lambert …
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Students create and innovate at Camp Invention

More than 100 rising first- through sixth-graders engaged in innovative and creative projects at Wilton’s Camp Invention, July 31 through Aug. 4. The week-long day camp is designed to not only foster innovation and creativity in students, but also build …
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Hey Bartender (2013) An American Invention

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Their invention is valued at $250 million. Here’s why they’re not satisfied

Most entrepreneurs would salivate at the prospect of their invention being valued at $ 250 million practically overnight. But for one group of twentysomething guys writing code in a Cambridge apartment, the wild interest in their product can feel more like …
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The Invention of Everything Else

New York City thrums with energy, wonder, and possibility in this magical novel about the life of Nikola Tesla. It is 1943, and the renowned inventor Nikola Tesla occupies a forbidden room on the 33rd floor of the Hotel New Yorker, stealing electricity. Louisa, a young maid at the hotel determined to befriend him, wins his attention through a shared love of pigeons; with her we hear his tragic and tremendous life story unfold. Meanwhile, Louisa discovers that her father—and her handsome, enig