Invention: The Care and Feeding of Ideas

Internationally honored for brilliant achievements throughout his career, author of Cybernetics, ExProdigy, and the essay God and Golem, Inc., which won the National Book Award in 1964, Norbert Wiener was no ordinary mathematician. With the ability to understand how things worked or might work at a very deep level, he linked his own mathematics to engineering and provided basic ideas for the design of all sorts of inventions, from radar to communications networks to computers to artificial limbs

The Money of Invention: How Venture Capital Creates New Wealth

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This volume provides a meaningful framework for understanding the relationship between venture capital and entrepreneurial success. It helps readers spot the real limitations of and challenges facing venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and individuals or institutions who want to play either role in the venture game. The authors give the background to why venture capital has exploded as an industry by explaining how venture capitalism drives - and has always driven - innovation, economic growth an

Building a Buzzy Hive of Invention and Collaboration

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — While pursuing a plan for student housing in this city’s historic jewelry district, Brown University officials were sidetracked by discussions about what to do with a massive, century-old power station sitting vacant alongside the …
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Patent Drafting: Proving You’re in Possession of the Invention

The written description requirement, found in 35 U.S.C. 112(a), plays two important functions. First, it is used to define what constitutes the original filing (i.e., the disclosure present as of the date you file your patent application), which is then …
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Scared of storms? A Leawood fifth grader’s idea beat out 13,000 in invention contest

As a young child, Julia Luetje was scared of storms. But the Leawood fifth-grader would never have guessed that a personal solution for coping with her fear would put her in the top 5 in a national contest for kid inventors that received more than 13,000 …
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Today in Apple history: iPhone is crowned 2007’s ‘invention of the year’

November 1, 2007: Six months after it was first shown off by Steve Jobs, the iPhone becomes Time magazine’s “best invention of the year.” The iPhone stands out from the rest of 2007’s gadget pack, which includes the Nikon Coolpix S51c digital …
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