Ideas turn into inventions at Elm School – Suburban Life Publications

Ideas turn into inventions at Elm School
Suburban Life Publications
On May 7, fifth-graders at Elm Elementary School showed off their creative side in an "Invention Convention" presentation, where their own creations were put on display. One of those inventions was "Clock Smell," by Lillian Kloubec. “I thought, I can't

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BlackBerry Creator Lazaridis Puts $100M Into Nano Labs (Hugo Miller/Bloomberg)

Hugo Miller / Bloomberg:
BlackBerry Creator Lazaridis Puts $ 100M Into Nano Labs  —  Mike Lazaridis, whose invention of the BlackBerry smartphone more than a decade ago redefined the way people send e-mail, is drawing inspiration from the early days of computing for his next act.  —  Backed by his $ 100 million donation …

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New invention turns an Apple iTouch into an iPhone with free 4G for only $99 – Examiner

A new start-up company named FreedomPop is offering up a new product that will allow owners of the Apple iTouch to transform it into a working iPhone with free 4G connectivity. It’s called the Freedom Sleeve for iTouch and costs $ 99.
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Ukrainian students invent gloves that convert sign language into speech –

But a new invention from a group of Ukrainian students is set to change all that: They have developed a glove that can translate the movements made by sign language into speech. Called EnableTalk, the gloves are fitted with flex sensors, touch sensors …
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