Ukrainian students invent gloves that convert sign language into speech –

But a new invention from a group of Ukrainian students is set to change all that: They have developed a glove that can translate the movements made by sign language into speech. Called EnableTalk, the gloves are fitted with flex sensors, touch sensors …
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Google’s Project Glass Lets Technology Slip Into the Background (Nick Bilton/Bits)

Nick Bilton / Bits:
Google’s Project Glass Lets Technology Slip Into the Background  —  I have seen the future, and it is wearable.  —  But before I tell you about this future, let’s take a short trip into the past, specifically to the mid-1400s, when a German by the name of Johannes Gutenberg was hard at work inventing the printing press.

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Makey Makey’, The New Invention That Turns Everyone Into An Inventor [VIDEO} – The Inquisitr

Two MIT PhD students have created a new invention called “Makey Makey” that allows for anyone to become an inventor. Coined ‘An Invention Kit For Everyone’, this much anticipated project takes everyday items and turns them into a usable …
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CU inventions turned into 114 companies – Boulder County Business Report

BOULDER – In the last two decades, inventions by University of Colorado researchers have led to the formation of 114 new companies, according to a report released Tuesday by the university. Of these, 85 have operations in Colorado, seven have become …
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AIRE mask turns breath into electricity –

New York, Mar 1 (THAINDIAN NEWS) A new invention turns the human breath to electricity. The mask, called AIRE, uses tiny wind turbines to convert the breath to electricity which can be used for menial tasks like charging phones and other small devices.
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Chromatic Typewriter Turns Prose into Paintings – Escapist Magazine

A new invention from a Washington painter can transform any string of letters or words into a reproducible work of art. Have you ever heard of synesthesia? It’s a fascinating concept. The five human senses – sight, sound, smell, taste …
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