BlackBerry Creator Lazaridis Puts $100M Into Nano Labs (Hugo Miller/Bloomberg)

Hugo Miller / Bloomberg:
BlackBerry Creator Lazaridis Puts $ 100M Into Nano Labs  —  Mike Lazaridis, whose invention of the BlackBerry smartphone more than a decade ago redefined the way people send e-mail, is drawing inspiration from the early days of computing for his next act.  —  Backed by his $ 100 million donation …

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New invention turns an Apple iTouch into an iPhone with free 4G for only $99 – Examiner

A new start-up company named FreedomPop is offering up a new product that will allow owners of the Apple iTouch to transform it into a working iPhone with free 4G connectivity. It’s called the Freedom Sleeve for iTouch and costs $ 99.
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Ukrainian students invent gloves that convert sign language into speech –

But a new invention from a group of Ukrainian students is set to change all that: They have developed a glove that can translate the movements made by sign language into speech. Called EnableTalk, the gloves are fitted with flex sensors, touch sensors …
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Google’s Project Glass Lets Technology Slip Into the Background (Nick Bilton/Bits)

Nick Bilton / Bits:
Google’s Project Glass Lets Technology Slip Into the Background  —  I have seen the future, and it is wearable.  —  But before I tell you about this future, let’s take a short trip into the past, specifically to the mid-1400s, when a German by the name of Johannes Gutenberg was hard at work inventing the printing press.

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Makey Makey’, The New Invention That Turns Everyone Into An Inventor [VIDEO} – The Inquisitr

Two MIT PhD students have created a new invention called “Makey Makey” that allows for anyone to become an inventor. Coined ‘An Invention Kit For Everyone’, this much anticipated project takes everyday items and turns them into a usable …
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CU inventions turned into 114 companies – Boulder County Business Report

BOULDER – In the last two decades, inventions by University of Colorado researchers have led to the formation of 114 new companies, according to a report released Tuesday by the university. Of these, 85 have operations in Colorado, seven have become …
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