Darpa: Five inventions from the US agency that inspired UK’s £800m ‘dream factory’

Darpa, previously known as Arpa, dates back to the space race during the Cold War, and has an annual budget of billions. Although funded by the military, many of its inventions have spilled over into …
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Son with special needs inspired rapper Trae tha Truth’s Cubby Love Bear invention

HOUSTON — Trae Tha Truth, known for his music and work in the community, is part of a company selling a bear inspired by the rapper’s 16-year-old son. “I feel this is going to be a creative way (to) …
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The African invention school inspired by bike parts

Google finally updates its Inbox email app for the iPhone X And the Galaxy S9’s six best features are… He first became known for inventing a mobile phone charger operated by, yes, a bicycle. Bernard …
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Air Force officer’s inventions inspired by Pin Art, E Ink – Air Force Link

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Air Force officer's inventions inspired by Pin Art, E Ink
Air Force Link
A patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Although Stambovsky is listed as the “inventor” of the patent, the Department of the Air Force does own the rights to the

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How One Horse Inspired the Invention of Movies

This is a story about a horse—a horse whose fate was inextricably tied to the invention of film. It all started in 1872, when eventual Stanford University founder Leland Stanford made a bet with some colleagues.
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