Electric Guitars Design and Invention: The Groundbreaking Innovations That Shaped the Modern Instrument

(Book). Innovation. Disruption. Thought leadership. Today's hottest tech sector buzzwords would prove just as apt in describing the twentieth century crucible of guitar development. Imagine an electric guitar. Is it a Strat? A Les Paul? Some third party variant on one of these classics? Or is it something more uniquely memorable: a Warlock, a Flying V, a Razorback? There's a reason that default image popped into your mind. Electric guitars do not happen by chance. They look and sound and play th

30 of the brightest tech innovations from the UK

The UK’s rich history of innovation and invention has provided the world with ideas and products we can’t live without – the mobile phone you could be reading this article on began as the humble telephone back in 1876. This year marks three decades of …
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The Chinese Thought of It: Amazing Inventions and Innovations (Jobs in History)

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Acupuncture, gun powder and the secrets to spinning silk are innovations that we have come to associate with China. But did you know that the Chinese also invented the umbrella? And toilet paper, initially made from rice straw clumped together, was first used in China! Through the ages, the Chinese have used the resources available to them to improve their lives. Their development of the compass and the paddleboat helped facilitate the often difficult tasks of travel and trade, and many foods as

Who Invented The Television? ‘My Million Dollar Invention’ Reveals The Complicated History Behind The World’s Greatest Innovations

We have it so easy these days. We can get news and entertainment just by turning on a TV, maintain our dental hygiene by brushing our teeth and go for a jog with the proper footwear to match. Life wasn’t always this simple. There was a time when the TV …
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