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Retired science teachers hope to clean up with newly patented car detailing invention

The two retired teachers have begun to contact potential producers of their invention. Ideally, the rights to market the device would be bought by a car care retail chain and sold through its outlets.
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The Australian invention that could offer hope to desperate would-be parents

For thousands of hopeful parents undergoing IVF, the exciting process of falling pregnant can be marred by a recurring cycle of uncertainty and fading hope. But, a powerful new self-training …
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Beer enthusiasts hope new invention will make local craft beer more accessible

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — Two local craft beer enthusiasts hope their invention will make local beer more accessible and hope to start manufacturing the product with support from the community. Jake and Rob Hendrix love craft beer from their favorite …
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Opportunity, hope, and urban cool

They trade, farm, fish, build. More come, selling shovels and pies, chop suey and lace curtains. Still more bring art and music, invention and sport. Soon, everybody is talking about how cool the city is even if they’ve forgotten its original advantages.
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Firefighters hope to ‘clean up’ with new invention

LYNN, Mass. — Their day job requires running into burning buildings, so two Lynn firefighters can definitely take the proverbial heat in the kitchen. But they are hoping their new invention, the Simple Tool, will reduce one aspect of the kitchen they can …
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High-tech hope: Inventions bring the gift of movement – USA TODAY


High-tech hope: Inventions bring the gift of movement
The news brought tears of excitement to a family looking for hope: A few days ago, 1-year-old Max Lasko sucked his thumb. Max has spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease that debilitates muscles, and for most of his life, he's lacked the strength to

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