Want to patent your invention? Here’s what you need to know.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is getting more patent applications than ever before — six times as many as it did in 1980. But does that mean that America is more creative and innovative than ever before? Well, not necessarily. Here’s what you need …
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Here’s How Celebrity Chef Sunny Anderson Brought Her Super Bowl-Ready Invention to Market

has always loved to tailgate and entertain on game days, she continually faced a problem. She’d long searched for a resusable solution to bring soda and food to parties and locations. With nothing on the market, she finally decided to invent one herself.
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Their invention is valued at $250 million. Here’s why they’re not satisfied

Most entrepreneurs would salivate at the prospect of their invention being valued at $ 250 million practically overnight. But for one group of twentysomething guys writing code in a Cambridge apartment, the wild interest in their product can feel more like …
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Cool invention! Now, here’s what you’ll pay for a patent

Michael Desmond/Getty Images Filing a patent on an invention allows you to protect your intellectual property from individuals and companies. A patent grants its owner rights to the invention for a predetermined amount of time, allowing the patent owner to …
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Here’s how invention and entrepreneurship fit into STEM education

A movement to instill invention, innovation and entrepreneurial skills in today’s students is growing across the nation. The STEMIE Coalition aims to impact youth invention and entrepreneurship by acting as an umbrella organization for 600 K-12 youth …
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Here’s how a simple invention plugs a gunshot wound in 20 seconds

When you’re severely wounded and rapidly losing blood, even just a few seconds could mean the difference between life and death. Soldiers on the battlefield know this all too well, as their number one cause of death is hemorrhage. But civilians suffer …
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