Amitabh Bachchan calls mobiles most sacred invention after wheels: Read the actor’s blog here

Our smartphones have become one of our most valuable possessions these days. The celebs are no different. Read what the Big B thinks about mobile phones …
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Here are 10 inventions that Florida can take credit for

Here are 10 noteworthy inventions that came straight out of the Sunshine State. Well, this one almost seems obvious. Florida sees its fair share of rain, but the sun can make a northerner melt on a …
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Here are 4 hilarious inventions that’ll make you laugh before saying, ‘wait I need that’

  1. Here are 4 hilarious inventions that’ll make you laugh before saying, ‘wait I need that’  Mashable
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It’s Finally Here: Simple New Invention That Will Prevent You From Ever Losing Your Guitar Pick

Today in guitar stuff, meet the Pick Slinger, a handy little gizmo that basically attaches a pick to your fingers. Not only does the gizmo prevent you from losing your plectrum, but it also allows you to sling it, putting it in and out of your hand in a …
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The Thingamajig Invention Convention is almost here. Prepare to tinker.

Ever make a thingamajig? How about a whatchamacallit? On July 28, the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington will host its 22nd annual Thingamajig Invention Convention, a free science and engineering festival at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.
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Is [Your Invention Here] The Future of Aviation?

The first Boeing 737 was rolled out in 1965, and after a few major modifications, it became the popular 737-200. Its replacement was another variant, now called “classic” 737s, the first of which flew in 1984. The replacement for those rolled out in …
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