Student Invention Helps Safeguard Health-Care Workers Treating Ebola

Hours before they graduated last week, three Columbia University students were bottling their concoction in a campus laboratory, preparing it for a crucial field test overseas. On Saturday, Jason Kang, Katherine Jin and Kevin Tyan are scheduled to travel …
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Invention helps students with dyslexia unlock hidden abilities

What if the words just jumbled up on the page? That is what it was like for Jamee Miller, among the estimated one in 10 Americans with dyslexia. “When it came down to reading, I was so focused on the paragraph and figuring out what I would be reading, so I …
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New Invention Helps Brides Go to the Bathroom While Wearing Their Wedding Dresses

Maids of honor everywhere, rejoice! A new invention might make the most awkward part of being a bridesmaid obsolete: helping a bride go to the restroom on her wedding day. “Why hasn’t anyone thought of something to help the bride use the bathroom without …
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Invention from Wash. helps wounded veterans fish, heal

OLYMPIA, Wash. — Aaron Boyle will never forget waking up from his five-day coma and learning his right arm and leg had just been amputated. “I looked at myself and was like, this isn’t real,” said Boyle, who stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan in 2010.
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