How a ‘slick’ P.E.I. invention is helping the environment — and the fish

Nancy Russell has been a reporter with CBC since 1987, in Whitehorse, Winnipeg, Toronto and Charlottetown. When not on the job, she spends her time on the water rowing, travelling to Kenya or walking her dog. [email protected] A P.E.I. watershed group …
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Helping to Bring Lifesaving Medical Inventions to Market – Huffington Post

Helping to Bring Lifesaving Medical Inventions to Market
Huffington Post
Universities throughout the world are spawning amazing innovative research that can save lives. The problem is that many of the inventions from this research never see the light of day because of the obstacles to commercializing them. The philosophical …

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Watch the video of this incredible invention helping a woman diagnosed with parkinson’s to write again

Technology will never cease to amaze the human race. In yet another awesome invention a young 29 year old graphic designer diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease has been given the chance to write again. Emma Lawton was diagnosed with Parkinsons when she was …
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How one mom’s shopping cart invention is helping special needs kids, seniors

Caroline Long (left) and a 91-year-old woman show off Caroline’s Cart during a shopping trip at their local grocery stores. It took one frustrated mom and a scribbled idea on the back of a napkin to create something that thousands of people are now using …
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Roanoke native’s invention helping solve criminal cases faster

this is so obvious someone’s already done this but no one had done it quite the same way.” Tonight we’re hearing from Robert Cody. The Roanoke-native and Roanoke College graduate is now known around the world for his invention. This machine is taking …
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The ‘Simply Amazing’ Invention Aimed at Helping ‘Novices Learn to Play the Piano Without Reading Music’

An invention aimed at helping beginners learn how to play the piano took the Internet by storm this week after a video showing how it works was widely circulated. The device, formally called the Projected Instrument Augmentation System, was developed in …
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