Cincinnati doctor’s invention helps protect NYC’s frontline health care workers from COVID-19

Doctors and nurses in New York City, one of the hardest-hit COVID-19 epicenters in the world, are safer thanks to an invention brainstormed by a Christ Hospital anesthesiologist and brought to life by …
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It’s ‘Shark Tank’ For Global Health Inventions

  1. It’s ‘Shark Tank’ For Global Health Inventions  NPR
  2. Pratt Pouch | Developing World Healthcare Technologies Lab  Developing World Healthcare Technologies Lab – Duke University
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Winning Health Tech Entrepreneurs Will Focus On Implementation, Not Fetishize Invention

Increasingly, I’m convinced that the underappreciated challenges of implementation describe the ever-expanding gap between the promise of emerging technologies (sensors, AI) and their comparatively limited use in clinical care and pharmaceutical research.
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Amazing Health Ranger invention could help save millions of lives in a nuclear disaster

“Cesium Eliminator”, a patented invention by the Health Ranger, could help save million of lives in case of nuclear catastrophe. This unique formula eliminates radioactive cesium isotopes from the gastrointestinal tract. Adams developed the dietary …
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Penn State Health: Medical Inventions Built to Save Lives – ABC27


Penn State Health: Medical Inventions Built to Save Lives
Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute is located on the campus of Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, a leading academic medical center located in Hershey, Pa. With a team of more than 50 physicians and surgeons, Penn State Heart and …

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Apple’s latest invention application describes a device that’s better at watching your health

Apple, like many tech companies, applies for a countless number of patents each week. The vast majority of the time, these don’t amount to anything. Sometimes, though, the inventions they present are at least interesting to consider, if only to get a …
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