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Man comes up with bonkers invention that allows men to cut their own hair using clippers and a vacuum cleaner

For those who can’t face long queues expected, an inventor has come up with a bonkers way of cutting your own hair using clippers and a vacuum cleaner. Dr Phil Green, 54, had his brainwave as he was …
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Romeoville native’s hair invention to land on shelves at Sally Beauty

The significance of hair to black women has been well documented, both in statistics about the haircare industry and in the media through projects such as comedian Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair. …
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Dyson’s new invention aims to blow you – and bad hair days – away

Dyson, the one-time vacuum company that continues to expand its range of electronics, is looking to take on bad hair days across the globe. Sir James Dyson has been making use of the air around us for more than three decades, and on Wednesday, the company …
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Meet the hair salon cape that lets you use your phone in the stylist’s chair

Capemakers If you know this situation all too well, then listen up. A new invention, aptly named the iCape, will allow you to text, play a game or even take a phone call while getting a trim thanks to a transparent piece of plastic in the cape.
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InventHelp Client Invention Facilitates Hair Beading (CVL-146)

Applying beads to braided hair via a beader can be tedious, and regular beads can hurt children. These problems inspired an inventor from Canton, Ohio, to design an alternative method of beading. The Jelly Beadz is an accessory that provides a quicker …
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InventHelp Client Patents “Edge Up” – Invention Could Offer Efficient Solution for Hair Maintenance – YAHOO!

10-RDH-153 at (800) 851-6030. Manufacturers interested in reviewing additional inventions and new product ideas can contact InventHelp’s marketing partner Intromark by filling out an online request to review new product ideas here.
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