First sushi, now manga — will AI ruin great Japanese inventions?

Back in late 2018, in one of the family’s favourite lunching spots overlooking Tokyo Bay, I had the nastiest mouthful of sushi I can remember. Its awfulness, as it turned out, was groundbreaking. The …
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Ted Danson Talks Meditation, Love and Death: ‘It’s a Great Invention, Life’

Literally every one of us has to wrestle with all the same things over and over and over again. It’s a great invention, life.” “You know what my mom said to me? What she hoped for me was ‘to be …
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The 25-year-old entrepreneur hoping to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch rarely sees his invention in action because he gets too seasick

Boyan Slat came up with the idea for his plastic-cleanup tool after scuba diving in Greece and finding more plastic bags than fish.
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‘Every Great Science Discovery, Invention, Is The Stuff Of Dreams, Not The Stuff Of Reason’: Interview With David Hanson Of Hanson Robotics

IP-Watch is a non-profit independent news service and depends on subscriptions. To access all of our content, please subscribe here. You may also offer additional support with your subscription, or donate. Sophia, the well-known human-like robot who …
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Cataloging Hammacher Schlemmer’s long history of great inventions – WGN-TV


Cataloging Hammacher Schlemmer's long history of great inventions
Hammacher Schlemmer has evolved with the times, stayed true to its identity and paved the way for some of the greatest inventions of our time. Alfred Hammacher and William Schlemmer were two hardworking Germans who opened the store in New York …

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So just what is the third Great Invention of all time?

Worstall @ the Weekend So here’s a fun little game for a Sunday morning: what was, or is, the third great invention of all time? I have a candidate for it and it’s very much to do with what youse guys do all day. But I’m not entirely sure that it is the …
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