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Invention gives disabled freedom to golf

WALLINGFORD — In 1991, Anthony Netto was a South African Special Forces soldier fighting in Iraq during Desert Storm and was shot. After his long rehabilitation, while on his way to a golf tournament …
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‘Surf’ around the golf course on this sleek invention

Surf’ around the golf course on this sleek invention The GolfBoard is a free-wheeling, electric-powered board that helps golfers and their gear zoom around the course in style! Check out this story on USATODAY.com: http://usat.ly/2jVvs0w The GolfBoard is a …
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InventHelp Invention Facilitates the Carrying of Golf Supplies (JMC-1597)

“On my way from the clubhouse to practice my short game, I struggled to carry three wedges, a golf towel, a large bucket of balls and water all at once,” said an inventor from Bastrop, La. “I ended up dropping everything, so I decided that there needed to …
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