“Trump’s invention of a Swedish terrorist attack was funny. But it likely comes from a dark place.”

But here’s another word on the topic: Some have been claiming, over the past few days, that I deny that there are any problems in the Islamic world, that I claim that there is no violence or crime among refugees in Europe, that I believe that there …
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10 Funny invention of the old-fashioned

Today is the age of the machines. People do all your work high-tech machines. But it was not before. Neither the technology nor had such a high-tech machines. Fun way to meet people when you used. Products were also those who use your laughter will not …
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VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence’s Favorite Food Invention Is a Chili Pizza Sandwich, Plus More Funny Revelations from the Joy Star

Jennifer Lawrence has a lot of deep thoughts – and she’s not afraid to share them. The Joy star, 25, displayed her signature candor in an amusing new video for, weighing in on everything from her favorite food invention to the person she …
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The brick making machine – funny invention

How to build your own home without the help of an expert? With the brick making machine: this man has a fantastic invention to build his house!
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Best Invention ever funny

funny home made invention.
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Weird World of Wonders: Funny Inventions by Tony Robinson – review – The Guardian

Weird World of Wonders: Funny Inventions by Tony Robinson – review
The Guardian
Funny Inventions is shorter than the others in the series as it only costs £1, but it's still very funny. I didn't think this was quite as good as Robinson's history books from the same series, but it's still well worth getting! I can't wait for the

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