Beyond jugaad: Amazing inventions from India –

Beyond jugaad: Amazing inventions from India
Remya Jose from Kerala demonstrates the pedal-powered washing machine she invented. Jose was forced to do laundry by hand when her mother became sick because her family had no washing machine. So she invented a washing machine/exercise bike

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“Defensive Patent License” created to protect innovators from trolls (Jon Brodkin/Ars Technica)

Jon Brodkin / Ars Technica:
“Defensive Patent License” created to protect innovators from trolls  —  The first rule of Patent Club is you do not sue members of Patent Club.  —  Defensive Patent License  —  A couple of months ago, Twitter made a pledge that’s heartening to anyone sick of patent lawsuits.

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How to Protect Your Company from Invention Theft – Brookings Institution

To understand why, it’s helpful to consider an example. Suppose that an employee at your company, which we’ll call EthicalTech, has come up with a new invention. She has documented it internally and is currently engaged in discussions with …
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Raytheon devises a way to make wind turbines disappear – from air traffic control radar screens – Wicked Local (blog)

But Raytheon’s new invention can still pull off a pretty cool magic trick by wiping the giant turbines from view on air-traffic control radar. This isn’t necessarily surprising that Raytheon’s involved, given the Waltham-based company’s …
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