The Most Innovative Products from the Seoul International Invention Fair

International invention shows are incredibly eye opening. Seeing the efforts of people from other countries really exposes you to the differences – and similarities – between people from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Nicole Lininger …
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Groundbreaking Invention Keeps Wells And Wallets From Running Dry

Eno Scientific has sold some 4,000 professional grade Well Sounder Well Watch devices to government agencies, schools, cities, farmers and golf courses across the globe. The Well Watch 600 is a less expensive and less elaborate device for homeowners.
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Latest Blog From Ultimate Spelling Presents Eleven-Year-Olds Ingenious Invention, Says eReflect

eReflect, a self-educational software designer, congratulates Robertson Peyton, the inventor of the sandless bag, an anti-flooding invention that won young Peyton the Discovery Young Scientist Challenge award this year. New York City, NY (PRWEB) November …
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Resist the fear of creation and profit from invention: Best practices that work

Being creative is the cornerstone of innovation and growth for any business. Those who study creative thinking agree that the belief people are either born with creative talent or not is a myth. Those who study innovation offer some the best ideas on how …
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Cow-tracker invention could foil rustlers from Alberta to Kenya

Neil Helfrich’s latest invention may be for cows, but the Sherwood Park man drew his inspiration from a Schnoodle named Levi. Back in 2007, Helfrich’s wife brought home the part-Schnauzer, part-poodle puppy. In the past, the family had put microchips in …
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Living Like The Jetsons! The 10 Inventions From The Cartoon You Wish Would … –

Living Like The Jetsons! The 10 Inventions From The Cartoon You Wish Would
All kidding aside, we're pretty jealous of some of the inventions they have! You hear that, scientists?! You better introducing some of these new advancements ASAP! CLICK HERE to view the gallery, “Living Like The Jetsons! The 10 Inventions From The …

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