Become Your Own Charger! Creating Electricity with the Latest and Greatest Invention in Energy – AMPY!

Tejas Shastry of the innovative charging application AMPY joins host, Frank Fontana live in Studio! Invented by 3 local entrepreneurs out of Northwestern Phd candidates. AMPY ( is a wearable device that captures the energy from …
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AIRE mask turns breath into electricity –

New York, Mar 1 (THAINDIAN NEWS) A new invention turns the human breath to electricity. The mask, called AIRE, uses tiny wind turbines to convert the breath to electricity which can be used for menial tasks like charging phones and other small devices.
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Bumpy Road = Electricity

Here’s an interesting device to take advantage of those bumpy roads to generate electricity.

Bike Generator Harnesses Power From Bumps on the Road

TreeHugger has shown all kinds of generators for bicycles, but here is a novel approach that would do well where I ride. Industrial designer Deco Goodman takes advantage of our crumbling infrastructure and pothole-filled roads by installing a piezo-electric generator in a shock absorber built into the seat post. Every tooth-jarring bump now is a little bit softer as the energy is converted to electricity and stored in the battery.

World’s Biggest Solar Farm

Will this year be the turning point where governments finally realize we have to find and promote alternative energy sources?

Article: World’s biggest solar farm at centre of Portugal’s ambitious energy plan

Moura Photovoltaic Solar Power station in Amareleja

From a distance the bizarre structures sprouting from the high Alentejo plain in eastern Portugal resemble a field of mechanical sunflowers. Each of the 2,520 giant solar panels is the size of a house and they are as technically sophisticated as a car. Their reflective heads tilt to the sky at a permanent 45 degrees as they track the sun through 240 degrees every day.

The world’s largest solar photovoltaic farm, generating electricity straight from sunlight, is taking shape near Moura, a small town in a thinly populated and impoverished region which boasts the most sunshine per square metre a year in Europe.

When fully commissioned later this year, the £250m farm set on abandoned state-owned land will be twice the size of any other similar project in the world, covering an area nearly twice the size of London’s Hyde park. It is expected to supply 45MW of electricity each year, enough to power 30,000 homes.

Expensive way to light a room, but this is very cool!

I love invention and especially when it’s something like this, it serves a purpose, sort of, and you have to be able to afford it. But the thing is it looks great and if I could afford it I would buy it in a second. Just think of all the ways you could use it. I’d like to have an entry hallway with this lining the walls and when guests enter the hall from the front door the overhead lights would extinguish and the walls would then glow. Read more

42.8% Efficiency: A New Record for Solar Cells


Narrowly edging out the previous record set by Spectrolab late last year, two scientists at the University of Delaware have just created a new device that can convert 42.8% of the light striking it into electricity. The solar cell, built by Christina Honsberg and Allan Barnett, splits light into three components — high, medium and low energy light — and directs it to several different materials which can then extract electrons out of its photons.