11-year-old’s invention could prevent hot car deaths

Bishop Curry V has invented a device called Oasis to prevent hot car deaths. The device is currently being patented by Curry and his dad. Humankind MCKINNEY, TX – An 11-year-old boy from McKinney, Texas could potentially put an end to hot car deaths.
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10 -Year Old Raises $20K for His Invention That Prevents Child Hot Car Deaths

Bishop Curry is a 10-year old 5th grader from McKinney, Texas, and he’s also the inventor of a prototype device that is designed to prevent children from dying in hot cars. His lifesaving device is called Oasis, and it attaches to children’s car seats.
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Atlanta students need help to show hot-car deaths invention at MIT

A group of Drew Charter School students has a chance to present its invention to prevent hot-car deaths at a national showcase at MIT, but they need help getting there. Drew’s InvenTeam designed a tool to keep children and pets from dying in hot cars.
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New invention could prevent SIDS deaths – WTVR-TV

Researchers in Texas have made a medial breakthrough in the fight against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. They’re working on a wireless sensor system that would measure the amount of carbon dioxide being inhaled by sleeping babies.
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