The Invention of the Restaurant: Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture (Harvard Historical Studies)

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Why are there restaurants? Why would anybody consider eating to be an enjoyable leisure activity or even a serious pastime? To find the answer to these questions, we must accompany Rebecca Spang back to France in the eighteenth century, when a restaurant was not a place to eat but a thing to eat: a quasi-medicinal bouillon that formed an essential element of prerevolutionary France's nouvelle cuisine. This is a book about the French Revolution in taste and of the table--a book about how Parisian

Invention: Think Different; Break Free From the Culture Hell-bent on Holding You Back

The universe's Inventor designed us like he did the world: with passion and precision and purpose. He made us for confidence and significance, joy and relationship. He made us to be part of something massive and majestic―to contribute to his work of remaking this world and to play vital parts in his Kingdom. But we have a vicious enemy, hell-bent on thwarting us. Our enemy spins lies that convince us into distraction and dependence―on alcohol, drugs, pornography, success-at-all-cost.

10 historic inventions that revolutionized scene culture – Alternative Press

Alternative Press

10 historic inventions that revolutionized scene culture
Alternative Press
While photos from 10 years ago might look like ancient history now, who would have guessed we'd look back on the terrible haircuts and questionable fashion choices with any sense of nostalgia? Though we do miss the jelly bracelets and wide variety of …

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