Youngsters of invention: Kids get creative at summer camp

Nash Waterford’s Superbot3000 can do anything you want it to do. It can bake cookies and do your homework. It can play video games and soccer. It’s part playmate and part helper, Nash said — even though it’s only made of cardboard and duct tape.
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How creative thinking led to the invention of bandages, ear warmers, Life-Savers and the Frisbee

We take many everyday items for granted, but when these items were introduced to the market, they were anything but ordinary. Have you ever wondered how you got along without a specific product, a must-have invention … or the latest version of your …
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9 Ways to Help Be Innovative When You’re Not Feeling Creative

These new activities and ideas can encourage you to be innovative. When you’re stuck in a rut, it can be hard to want to do anything related to your invention. However, it’s important to make progress each and every day. Even if you are only working 15 …
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Camp Invention encourages kids to get creative

Throughout Gov. Winslow Elementary School last week, the sound of students experimenting, inventing, concocting and dismantling could be heard up and down the halls during Camp Invention. Designed for students entering grades one through six, the camp …
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