An Invention Could Potentially Grow Babies Outside of the Womb

Becoming pregnant is often a struggle for many women, including a group who can’t carry a pregnancy to term. But it seems like life is going to get a lot weirder, potentially, because of a new type of technology scientists are tinkering with. It’s …
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Invention could slash energy consumption

[CAIRO] An Egyptian inventor has successfully tested a safe electricity system for homes that eliminates the risk of electric shocks and reduces energy consumption significantly. The inventor, Tarek Shaaban, who is based in France, has tested the system in …
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Breast cancer imaging invention could improve surgery accuracy

An Australian invention aimed at improving the accuracy of breast cancer surgery is a step closer to being launched on the global market after securing funding for medical trials. About a quarter of breast cancer patients currently require two rounds of …
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The technological invention that could save millions of piglets every year

You may or may not know this, but in the first three days of a piglet’s life, one of the biggest threats to its survival is its own mother. Around 5% of piglets that are born every year are accidentally crushed every year by their mother. That’s around 6 …
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Animal Shelter’s Feral ‘Kitten Bjorn’ Could Be the Cutest Invention Ever

Feral kittens at one Boston animal shelter are getting the TLC they need this kitten season, thanks to the purr-fect invention. A Facebook post shared on the Animal Rescue League of Boston’s page on Friday had crafty people everywhere planning their …
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5 cool inventions that could save the planet – CNN

1. A high-tech sieve that makes the ocean drinkable

Yes, you can already turn the ocean into drinkable water through existing, industrial-scale desalination plants. But these plants are often costly and can damage the environment: They use large amounts of energy, produce greenhouse gases and can harm marine life.
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